Beginning nearly three decades ago, Catherine Jobe began a design and remodeling business in Dallas after attending schools in both Texas and New York. Specializing in residential and commercial office design, completing projects in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. After she and her husband bought their first home in San Miguel de Allende almost ten years ago and completed its remodeling she continued traveling in Mexico for the best sources of materials and artisans in the country, and they became part of the inspiration for their current home. Their new home in San Miguel represents an easy elegance, mixing antique modern, and contemporary elements to tell a different story that is more grand tour than Mexican and more contemporary than old world.Living most of her life in Texas, Cathy says there is always a little bit of the south in everything she does so whatever the style the goal is a warm, welcoming, and timeless interior. Catherine is currently working on interior design projects in San Miguel and Dallas, custom furniture collaborations, and her line of all-weather teak tables, Mezitas.


Email: cathybjobe@gmail.com   Tel. +52 415 125 3399